Throughout the history of the ADS, we have covered the globe giving presentations, attending workshops and conferences, and writing papers. In an effort to increase transparency, we have decided to make a selection of presentations from key projects and preservation work available for download. These presentations are available as PDFs that can be downloaded from either the map or the dropdown list found below. These presentations cover a variety of topics including preservation work and projects that we have been a part of. For a snapshot of the outreach of the ADS, a chart can be found at the bottom of the page.

ADS outreach locations

Below is a map that shows the outreach that the ADS has accomplished over its history. Spanning over 30 countries, each point shows the who, what, when, and where of each of these presentations. Additionally, presentations have been listed by year that include a download link and preview of the presentations given by ADS staff, some of which are not listed below. These presentations can be added to the map via the button above the map.


Selection of presentations by year

Below is a selection of presentations available for download from 2015 to present.

Presentations from 2019 (Updated 1 August)

Preview Conference Presentation Name Date Download
CBA Yorkshire The redevelopment of OASIS: a system for everyone 02/02/2019 PDF
E-RIHS workshop The ADS, DIGILAB, and ARIADNEplus 12/02/2019 PDF
MC Meeting SEADDA: Saving European Archaeology from the Digital Dark Age 4/3/2019 PDF
E-RIHS UK/UKRIHS The Archaeology Data Service (DIGILAB) 27/3/2019 PDF
CAA Conference, Krakow Digital Infrastructures: Past, present and future directions 24/4/2019 PDF
ARIADNEplus First Aggregation workshop Aggregation Workshop: Sub-task 4.4.0 13/05/2019 PDF
ARCHAIDE final conference Open Data and ARCHAIDE 13/05/2019 PDF
CARARE Archaeology and Architecture in Europeana Working with subjects and temporal concepts across international archaeological resources 28/06/2019 PDF

Presentations from 2018

Preview Conference Presentation Name Date Download
CS3DP workshop, St.Louis, MO Preserving 3D data: Best Practices from a UK perspective 05/02/2018 PDF
Digital Past 3D Data: A few questions and a bit of a rant... 08/02/2018 PDF
HES Engine Shed An Update from the ADS, BIM and 3D group workshop 28/03/2018 PDF
Open Science and the Humanities, Barcelona Open Science and Open Data: Twenty years of Preserving the Bits at the Archaeology Data Service 21/06/2018 PDF
CIfA BAG, Cressing Temple Built Legacy: Preserving the results of historic building investigations with the Archaeology Data Service 22/06/2018 PDF
CS3DP Forum 2, Ann Arbor, Michigan Preservation Best Practices 3D Methods and Workflows: Photogrammetry Case Study (Repository Perspective) 13/08/2018 PDF
EAA, Barcelona Archaeological Synthesis: The role of digital repositories and the FAIR principles 6/09/2018 PDF
EAA Barcelona Enabling European Archaeological Research 8/09/2018 PDF
Beijing Research Infrastructures for Digital Heritage 12/09/2018 PDF
CAA UK Presentation 26/10/2018 PDF

Presentations from 2017

Preview Conference Presentation Name Date Download
Business Process Mapping for the built historic environment workshop OASIS and Historic Building Recording, Buildings Workshop 06/01/2017 PDF
Digital Past, Newport, Wales ADS Library paper 16/02/2017 PDF
Richard Hall Symposium, York Digital resources for the study of Viking archaeology 26/02/2017 PDF
Presentation to Nara Institute visitors Presentation 27/02/2017 PDF
ALGAO training day, Birmingham OASIS redevelopment for planning archaeologists 02/03/2017 PDF
HER working group North East/West, York OASIS redevelopment 08/03/2017 PDF
CAA, Atlanta One Size Does Not Fit All: Reflections on Online Research Infrastructures 16/03/2017 PDF
SAA, Vancouver Size isn’t everything: are our data good enough to be big? 31/03/2017 PDF
Construction History Society Annual Conference, Cambridge Built Legacy: Digital Preservation of Historic Building and Structure Recording Projects 07/04/2017 PDF
CIfA Conference, Newcastle Joining up… Digital Archiving and UK Archaeology 19/04/2017 PDF
Seeing the Light of Day Project Workshop and findings so far, Bristol Seeing the light of day: Archives as solution, not problem 12/05/2017 PDF
British Institute at Ankara, Ankara 21 years of collaboration 12/06/2017 PDF
Burial Grounds of England, London Storing and disseminating the data for maximum effect 13/06/2017 PDF
From Planning to Deployment, DPC Briefing Day, York Digital Preservation as Business as Usual 26/06/2017 PDF
EAA, International Conference CRM-EH and STELLAR: An archaeological extension to CIDOC-CRM and tools for creating Linked Data 01/09/2017 PDF

Presentations from 2016

Preview Conference Presentation Name Date Download
Budapest Long-term Data Preservation and Re-use: the work of the Archaeology Data Service 11/01/2016 PDF
ARIADNE workshops Data Management Planning 19-21 January 2016 PDF
ARIADNE workshops Archiving and Repositories 19-21 January 2016 PDF
ARIADNE workshops Interoperability 19-21 January 2016 PDF
LoCloud Final Conference Small, smaller and smallest: working with small archaeological content providers and LoCloud 05/02/2016 PDF
EAC, Brighton Long-term Data Preservation and Re-use: the work of the Archaeology Data Service 18/03/2016 PDF
SAA Orlando, USA ARIADNE: Building a European Data Infrastructure for Archaeology 09/04/2016 PDF
SAA Orlando, USA Current developments in cyber-infrastructure in European Archaeology 09/04/2016 PDF
CIfA 2016 Conference Powering the Heritage Research Cycle (OASIS and HERALD and Research frameworks) 22/4/2016 PDF
HIAS Advisory Board A walk through the Historic Buildings Mock-up 29/04/2016 PDF
OASIS lunchtime seminar OASIS lunchtime seminar 11/05/2016 PDF
Departmental Research Forum European Projects at the ADS (ArchAIDE, NEARCH, ARIADNE) 03/06/2016 PDF
FISH HERALD Update 08/06/2016 PDF
DPC File Formats DPC File Formats 23/06/2016 PDF
An Introduction to Records and Archives HELM Training Day 30/06/2016 PDF
British Library, Boston Spa, England, UK Challenges of Digital Preservation 21/07/2016 PDF
Protecting your Digital Information Built Legacy Project workshop Introduction to data deposit at ADS 23/07/2016 PDF
Protecting your Digital Information Built Legacy Project workshop Protecting Your Digital Information Legacy 23/07/2016 PDF
EAA Vilnius Linked Open Data Approaches within the ARIADNE project 01/09/2016 PDF
EAA Vilnius Beyond the Pale: grey literature as a method of publication 01/09/2016 PDF
EAA Roundtable, Vilnius Community generated archaeological content 01/09/2016 PDF
EAA Vilnius Open Source options for the dissemination of archaeological spatial data 02/09/2016 PDF
HERALD and Arches Meeting with Getty about HERALD and Arches 22/09/2016 PDF
MASA Conference Digital preservation and access in a European perspective: Introducing ARIADNE 26/09/2016 PDF
HIAS/OASIS workshop Proposed changes to OASIS from the synchronisation workshop 05/10/2016 PDF
CHNT Twenty years of the ADS: lessons and challenges for the future of data curation 16/12/2016 PDF
Historic England BIM Meeting ADS and Historic Buildings 25/11/2016 PDF
Historic England BIM Meeting Update on ADS Data Standards and Guides 25/11/2016 PDF
HEIRNET meeting Implications of BREXIT 29/11/2016 PDF
HEIRNET meeting The ARIADNE portal 29/11/2016 PDF
HEIRNET meeting OASIS/BIAB update 29/11/2016 PDF
HER Forum Progress on ADS Library for HER forum 06/12/2016 PDF
ARIADNE Final Conference Panoramic view of the ARIADNE story 15/12/2016 PDF

Presentations from 2015

Preview Conference Presentation Name Date Download
Cultural Heritage and the Creative Arts Intro to NEARCH Artist Residencies 30/01/2015 PDF
MA Digital Curation seminar Lifecycle management; day-to-day in a digital archive 17/02/2015 PDF
Soc of Ants Scotland Opportunities and Challenges of Open Access in Archaeology 24/02/2015 PDF
Diversions Diversions, dead ends and blind alleys-our route to open access nirvana 24/02/2015 PDF
ICOMOS Digital Heritage group Digital Data in archaeology: long term preservation and access - the work of the Archaeology Data Service 26/02/2015 PDF
University of Leicester Digital Data and the Archaeological Record 9-10/03/2015 PDF
University of Leicester Data Management 9-10/03/2015 PDF
University of Leicester Archiving pracitical 9-10/03/2015 PDF
University of Leicester Digital Preservation Standards 9-10/03/2015 PDF
University of Leicester Tools for Deposition Practical 9-10/03/2015 PDF
SNHB visit Intro to the ADS 18/03/2015 PDF
CAA Bradford What have the Romans ever done for us? 07/03/2015 PDF
SNHB visit ADS-Easy 18/03/2015 PDF
SNHB visit FISH, MIDAS and G2GP 18/03/2015 PDF
SNHB visit OASIS 18/03/2015 PDF
SNHB visit ADS data deposit and access 18/03/2015 PDF
SNHB visit Not a full powerpoint presentation, just screenshots of the CMS with short descriptive text 18/03/2015 PDF
DPC Getting Started in Digital Preservation Making sense of a collection: what happens when things don’t go to plan? 31/03/2015 PDF
SAA Mobile App Development at the Archaeology Data Service 17/04/2015 PDF
CIfA Conference 2015 UK-level data collection ADS and OASIS, workflow and best practice 17/04/2015 PDF
Preserving PDF at the Coalface Preserving PDF at the Coalface 15/07/2015 PDF
Linked Pasts Introduction to ARIADNE 21/07/2015 PDF
Digital Heritage 2015 Intro to LoCloud for TAG CLOUD workshop 29/09/2015 PDF
Digital Heritage 2015 Closing remarks for LoCloud workshop 01/10/2015 PDF
CAA Symposium, Digital Heritage 2015 How do we show re-use? 02/10/2015 PDF
OASIS/SMA Workshop Introduction 02/10/2015 PDF
OASIS/SMA Workshop Mock up demo 02/10/2015 PDF
House of Lords Mapping and geospatial 08/10/2015 PDF
HIAS Advisory Board Collecting and Validating Data Work Package 20/10/2015 PDF
OASIS Management Board HERALD Discussion 22/10/2015 PDF
Research Forum Intro to NEARCH artist residencies 30/10/2015 PDF
BioArCh Intro to NEARCH artist residencies 02/11/2015 PDF
Humber and The North East Development Management Working Group Digital Archiving and Commercial Archaeology, Yorkshire 04/11/2015 PDF
Roman Rural Settlement Roman Rural Settlement (Wales) 04/11/2015 PDF
EVA MINERVA Intro to LoCloud 08/11/2015 PDF
EVA MINERVA LoCloud Collections 08/11/2015 PDF
HERALD Semiar, Historic England HERALD 12/11/2015 PDF
DAI visit A short introduction to the ADS 23/11/2015 PDF
DAI visit Introduction to Data Deposit at the ADS 23/11/2015 PDF
CIfA GeoSIG and ADS Workshop 27/11/2015 PDF

Outreach per year by ADS staff

This chart shows the total outreach done by the ADS staff per year over its history. For a selected bibliography of publications by the ADS, see our Publications page.