Step 4 - Submission Help

Before submitting your deposit please make sure that all information and metadata is correct, and that all sections have been completed. Once a project has been submitted you can not change any of the details. Any that any required changes or the submission of additional data may be subject to additional charges.

I need to send additional information to the ADS about my archive. How do I do that?

The project message section of the submission process allows you to add a message for the ADS and the digital archivist who will be working on your deposit.

Can I set an embargo period for my deposit?

Yes. The embargo area can be used to set a date when you would like your archive to be made publicly available. Situations for which you may wish to consider an embargo date for your data:

  • contains sensitive information
  • is associated with a publication and the data is published to coincide with this release of the book or article
  • to maximize the academic or commercial exploitation of the data

If you are considering an embargo you may wish to read the ADS guidelines on the deposition of sensitive data.

The ADS will normally agree to embargo data for periods of up to 2 years for research purposes, or up to 5 years to maximize commercial exploitation of print publications. In rare cases where the project includes sensitive or personal data an embargo period of up to 70 years can be arranged. For more information see guidelines on the deposition of sensitive data.

This area should not be used to set a release date for your data. While we endeavour to release archives as soon after deposition as possible, please be aware that it may take us a little while to archive and create the necessary interface for your archive. This date depends on the current workload of archivists, but we will release an archive within three months of deposit, but in most instances this period is much shorter.

Can I send a notification to a third-party to let them know I have deposited my dataset?

Yes you can. If you depositing data with the ADS in order to meet the requirements of a contract, licence requirement or funding application then we can send an automated email to the body or organisation who have mandated you to do so. We ask that you provide an email address for the organisation (preferably to a specific individual to avoid confusion) and an associated message where you can add a message to introduce the archive.

I cannot submit my project and get a 'please make sure the metadata status in Step 3 is 'Complete'...' message?

If you see this message then the chances are that you have not completed all the metadata for your deposition. Please check that all the required fields are complete in 'Step 1: Project details'. Also return to 'Step 3' and check that the 'status' for all files, and groups of files, are marked 'complete'. If they are not then use the 'edit metadata' button to open the form for these objects and check that all the required fields are complete.

If you continue to see this message and you are sure that all the metadata is complete then please email us.